Büub by Teetees.


BowGroup presents her latest sister in fashion, büub.
Other sister labels include; ninakimi and hellybeachwear.

büub is label that grows into your heart rather than
making it stop. the büub team strives to make your
stay as pleasant as possible. It includes picking out
wardrobe pieces that flatters, hip, affordable and
most of all, in fashion. This is to ensure that you
will be showered with compliments - we call it, the
büub-job factor. Body produces more endorphins,
hence, a happier you and a happier us.

büub is still new, collection may be limited, products
are updated every week to two weeks (we will try to
make it every week whenever's possible). Email us at
teeteesism@gmail.com, for any suggestions on how to
make your stay a more pleasant one.

If you find us interesting, and would like to receive
our weekly updates and an online catalog of weekly
products, simply email us at teeteesism@gmail.com with
the subject: START MAILING LIST.

For a dose of büub,
Visit: http://buub.wordpress.com
Email: teeteesism@gmail.com


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